The Basics of Press Release Writing

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One of the strategies proven to be effective in website optimisation is through writing a press release. In fact, SEO companies and SEO consultants know pretty well the importance of press releases in making sites gained a wider audience. As an effective tool in online marketing, press releases also help in making products and services more known to the target clients. The utilisation of press releases is then deemed necessary for online marketers to be able to reach out their services offered to their desired audience more efficiently.

Basically, press release writing is a lot different to blogging. While the latter can be flexible in a sense that the blog content may include opinions, press releases on the other hand are to be written with much honesty and objectivity. As contrasted to blog writing, press release writing employs your journalistic writing prowess as you are to tell a factual event sponsored by a certain company or agency. Though both follows the same rules of grammatical standards, the context to which they are presented definitely differs.

If blogging is lighter compared to press release writing, then the latter must have stricter rules and guidelines to be maintained to come up with an effective press release. In this respect, below are the essential tips on how to write a press release.

Be a journalist

Writing a press release is parallel to writing a news story. As such, you should employ the skills in writing a news story in writing your press releases. As much as possible, use simple terms and ideas. Do not crowd your press release with high-sounding words with an intention of impressing your readers. For sure, nobody wants to read information which is difficult to digest. And just like any news item, it should follow the same rules of relevance, novelty, interest, and timeliness. With this, you must include the complete date when the press release is published and the business location to which being promoted.

Stimulate the Interest of your Readers

Every written article serves a purpose of transpiring essential information to the readers. But when no one reads your article written, that purpose becomes defeated. Hence, it is your task as a writer to dress up your press release with an interesting “packaging” starting with the headline. With this, you should make a headline in a way that it would catch the attention of your readers and stimulate their interest as well. Comes after the headline should be an interesting lead. Through the lead, your readers will know what the press release is all about and by having a stimulating lead, your readers will be interested to read further throughout your press release.

Integrate Company Information objectively

When writing your press release, it is understood that you will include information about the company that you are trying to promote. This is to inform your readers of the necessary things they should know about your business or website in promotion. However, since press release is basically journalistic in nature, it is imperative that you have to present the company information in a very objective manner so not to turn off your readers.

Be concise and straightforward

The best thing about press release writing is its ability to bring information to the readers effectively in a very straightforward way. Take note, not everyone has the time to follow your press release with the busy life everyone has. Hence, you should keep your press release concise, direct, and straightforward however not compromising the quality of the information.